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You might be fed up with using the usual strategies in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Well, we brought you Zenxios Injector, an action-packed App for you to modify the game for your own mastery. Moreover, this injector tool will make you get all the game-winning features without any expenses. It will enable you to alter various portions of MLBB as well, you can experience a smooth and easy battlefield through this multitasking Android application.

Mobile Legends is no doubt a challenging online battle game with huge popularity in a short period. The major reason behind its popularity is its high graphics, better storyline, and many other factors which make the game even more interesting. It requires some good gaming skills and features so that someone can triumph over it effortlessly.

Still, you can excel through Xenxios Injector App without having any extraordinary skills as you can do with the new imoba 2021. This injector tool will give you direct access to all of its features without demanding any money. It is a golden opportunity for you to be the winner in MLBB, unlike in various complicated ways.

About Zenxios V1.12 Injector APK

Zenxios Injector is an Android App that is specifically designed for manipulation in Mobile Legends. The stunning Injector is developed by Zenxios, who made a pretty good contribution for mediocre players like me. It offers you to unlock almost all the available items in MLBB without any cost, all of its services are 100% free for everyone.

Moreover, its renowned features include modifying ML characters by changing their costumes, battle effects, drone views, backgrounds, maps, and much more. This is a lightweight tool that works perfectly on every average device.

Isn’t it sounds great to use each feature of Mobile Legends free of cost which you have paid an amount for?  Bundle of thanks to the developer who gave us Zenxios Gaming Injector freely. In fact, it’s a safe and secure application that is made under the modern versions of MLBB. Moreover, this injector brings its update parallel with the ML official. This is a must-have gaming tool in your App collection. 

Somehow it has some functionalities similar to the RDM87 Injector. Anyways, both these injecting App will help you to survive on the battlefield. You might notice some player comes with an attractive skin which they bought from the ML stores by spending lots of their money. Such skins enable them to perform well in the game.

You can still give them a tough time with the same skins but getting through Zenxios v1.12 freely. Not only skins, but you can also access tons of other features which will encourage you to perform well against your opponents. Moreover, you can get various Injectors and Apps free from APKTwin, grab your favorite helping App today.

Is it safe to Use Zenxios Injector App on Android?

The straightforward answer is No. You have to keep in your mind that these are third-party Apps which is not recommended by the Mobile Legend officials. The game officials won’t encourage you to manipulate their game.  Once the ML management caught you using such a hacking tool they already reserved the right to ban your account for a period or permanently.

Primarily, we would not recommend you to use such manipulating Apps. Although, there are some of its precautionary rules which might help you to learn the proper usage of such third-party Apps. In the following paragraph, you can learn the precautionary steps.

What are the Precautionary Measurements for Using Zenxios Injector?

However, the developers of such third-party Apps claim that their applications have a strong anti-ban system. Which makes the identity of players anonymous by changing their IP addresses. Although, the reality is far different from it, there are lots of players who got their accounts banned due to using such Apps.

Most players use this Injector tool to get premium features and many other advantages by knowing its risks. If you are also a person who doesn’t care about risks then we suggest you to at least keep some precautionary measures on your main priorities.

  • While fighting with your opponents, try not to be over-smart. Try your best to play normally in front of your enemies.
  • Don’t use such third-party Apps on your personal accounts. It would be too risky for you to use these Apps on your main accounts. Try to use it on any other account.

Screenshots of Zenxios Injector APK

Screenshots of Zenxios Injector APK

Features of Zenxios Injector ML

It has various features which might not be possible to cover in this single article. All of its features are working efficiently. Moreover, you can check its working screenshots which are attached to this page. We have divided its features into subcategories which are as follows.


Its vast collection of backgrounds purify the game more in-depth. Some of its various types are mentioned in the following lines.

  • Splash; Like Evos, Geek Fam, RRQ, Custom MLLB Intro, and many others.
  • Backgrounds; Lobby, First Loading, and Profile.
  • Music; MLBG Music would soon be changeable.


You can unlock Analogs within a seconds. This is as simple to apply as all of its various cheats.

  • Cyclops, Argus, Cosmic, K”, and many other are its major examples.


All the battle emotes are unlockable through a single click.

  • Onic, Evos, Alter Ego, Bren, I am Scary, Come & Hit Me, RRQ, Geek, Aura, Genflix, NXP, Here I Come, etc.


Get the premium Effects which are as follows.

  • Elimination
  • Recalls
  • Spawn

Skins Offered by Zenxios Injector APK

It is the best feature for those who prefer appearance over everything. This will not only improve your looks but it will enhance your performance as well. Moreover, you can unlock all the available Skins of Mobile Legends with a single click. Its complete list of heroes & skins can be seen in the following lines.

  • Assassin; 13 Heroes with 49 Skins.
  • Tank; 17 Heroes with 63 Skins.
  • Support; 9 Heroes with 32 Skins.
  • Fighter; 28 Heroes with 112 Skins.
  • Marksman; 17 Heroes with 123 Skins.
  • Mage; 20 Heroes with 32 Skins.

Animated Skins

Moreover, anime Skins as well as Customized Skins, ABC files, etc can be unlocked through Zenxios Injector APK without any cost. Its famous skins are given in the following lines.

  • Chou, Wanwan, Gussion & Fanny, Ling, Sun, Guinevere are customizable.
  • Anime to MLBB Skins Free ABC File.

Drone View

Drone View is the only feature that works on all maps regardless of their specialty

  • 09 ranges from 1×2 to 9×10.
  • Original drone view.
  • Also, a 3D camera is available.

Game Cheats

Except for its normal cheats, there are a lot of rank-boosting elements that are easy to approach.

  • Auto Mythic
  • Top Global
  • Enemy Lag
  • Ultra Graphic Mode

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Fixer

 It will remove the following bugs instantly.

  • Pink Map
  • Phone Lag
  • Stuck in Loading
  • Pink Hero
  • Hero No Icon
  • Black Screen
  • Map Hack

If you are a beginner in Mobile Legends then you should download Zenxios Injector, this App will help you to build your gaming skills. Moreover, it will give you the strength to fight the pro player with all the in-game features free of cost. This is the recommended App from many players around. So, stop wasting your money on buying features from ML stores and get all of them free through this amazing App.

Final Words

If you want to excel in Mobile Legends without spending your precious money on it then you must download Zenxios Injector App. This is the brand new injector that works parallel with the Mobile Legends.

It is compatible with all kinds of smartphones, its simple UI makes the game even more demanding. However, you can get its official APK file from our site free of cost. If you are disappointed with the other Injecting Apps then you should try this injector, it will not only make you a winner but will improve your gaming skills too.

Atif Hussain is IT Student who loves to share his journey with android and Egaming. He has 3 years of Experience in Android Game hacking

March 14, 2023