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The majority of players love Mobile Legends because of its amazing Skin collection and multiple premium features as well. Better appearance is the core agenda of MOBA (Mobile Online Battle Arena) games, Which also attracts the attention of many players around the globe. Having your favorite skin on the gaming character enhances your confidence and leads you towards victory.

Today, we have brought one of the renowned ML skin injectors called WG Skin Injector. It provides top-quality and free skins for almost 32 ML characters. Approximately, 4 to 8 various kinds of skins are applicable on a single ML character, depending on the characters individually.

About WG Skin Injector 2022

WG Skin Injector ML was recently released in 2021, it’s a brand new Skin injector to manipulate Mobile Legends pleasantly. Its crucial functionalities include unlocking ML Skins, changing Background, and many other cool features like Worst Gaming Injector APK.

Most of the ML players are not aware of this inspiring App, whoever uses it for the first time, becomes a fan of this stunning Application. After using this application, you would also be called a pro player among your friend circle. However, this App injector will tweak your gaming skills.

It contains a variety of latest features that you won’t find in any other injector tool. As it is the dominant Skin injector among various kinds of injectors to exploit Mobile Legends. After downloading and using this application, you won’t regret it. Additionally, you don’t need to spend your precious money on buying premium skins from official ML stores.

WG Skin Injector V34 will give you direct access to all the premium ML Skin and many other outstanding features, which will also build your gaming capabilities. The major objective of APKTwin is to bring useful, cheap, and interesting applications for its viewers. You can also find other useful Apps such as Django Macro Free Fire from our site.

Key Features of WG Skin Injector APK

There is a bundle of free premium skins which are only accessible through the latest version of the available injector. Download WG Skin Injector and manipulate your favorite game.

Battle Emotes

You can enjoy the latest Battle Emotes without facing any errors. In addition, more than 19 ML battle Emotes are available with the help of this stunning App without any cost. However, you can pick a maximum of any 04 Emotes at a single time.

Skins by WG Skin Injector ML Apk

This tremendous App is offering updated and brand new Skins for almost 30 ML characters for free. The Heroes on which these Skins are applicable are as follows.

  • Claude, Wan Wan, Alucard, Lancelot, Granger, Selena, Ling, Fanny, Dyrroth, Paquito, Brody, Guison, Paquito, Chous, Grock, Martis, Lolita, Masha, Balmond, Badang, Khufra, Yu Zhong, Franco, Guinevere, Baxia, Aldous, Uranus, Xborg, Akai, Silvanna, Miya.
  • You can use 4 to 8 Skins or each character at a single time.
  • Overall, you have more than 100 costumes for all above Heroes.

Unlock Recall

Recalling is included among the core game-winning factors. In short, you can simply give life to your ML characters. This is an amazing feature of Mobile Legends, some of its characteristics are as follows,

  • WG Skin Injector is offering more than 21 Recalls for their users.
  • For example, Christmas, VENOM, Light & Dark, SABER, Dragon Mark, and many more are famous examples.

Screenshots of WG Skin Injector APK

Screenshots of WG Skin Injector APK

Additional Features of WG Skin Injector

Some of the additional features of this fabulous Skin Injector are as follows. be sure that this injector is similar to ata mlbg changer.

  • Now, you can approach all the features of this outstanding App Free without any troubles.
  • Remember, it’s a third-party app, which is providing tremendous tricks and hacks to modify MLBB.
  • This App frequently works on Android and tablets.
  • It is the supreme skin injector among the various ones.
  • The injector tool won’t consume your mobile’s space, it’s a lightweight App.
  • WG Skin Injector brings its updates very frequently.
  • Its famous Heroes include Hanzo, Valir, Grock, Silvanna, Change, Gusion, and much more.
  • Popular ML features like Recall, Battle Emotes, and Maps are available in this application.
  •  Furthermore, it’s an Anti-ban system. There is very little chance of your account ban.
  • However, you can enjoy a user-friendly interface.

WG Skin Injector Password

Bundle of thanks to the developers of this App, who make such an easy password. Yes, you can enjoy the App’s functionalities without facing any obstacles. In the new version V34, the password is removed. now you don’t need any password. You may also love to check the new injector 2022 to double your gaming experience.

How to Download and Use WG Skin Injector for Free?

As it is a third-party app, you won’t find it on the play store or any other platform than ours. Yes, you can find the official download link of this precious App on this page, at the bottom of this article, the download button will appear. By following simple steps, you can easily download and use this amazing application for free. Just stay tuned. 

  1. Click the download button, as I mentioned before. It’s a third-party App and it would require enabling unknown sources from your mobile’s settings.
  2. After that, within a few seconds, the downloading will complete.
  3. Then go to downloads, as you already have access to unknown sources. So, it will install within a few seconds.
  4. When you are done with all the above processes, the WG Skin Injector V20 will appear in your App gallery.
  5. Just open the app, it will require a password. Enter the password, “Worst Gaming”. Then the app will open.
  6. Then select your desired Skin and Rule Mobile Legends.


Download this magnificent App from our site without any cost and enjoy your favorite ML Skin, Battle Emotes, Backgrounds, Recalls, etc. All you need to do is simply download this application and be the kind of Mobile Legends.

You can easily beat pro players without any hesitation. Moreover, I also have a great experience with this amazing WG Skin Injector. When it comes to its functionalities, it’s mind-blowing. It’s a 100% nominated application.

Atif Hussain is IT Student who loves to share his journey with android and Egaming. He has 3 years of Experience in Android Game hacking

November 14, 2022