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The number of MLBB players is increasing daily, and the competition is becoming tough. However, it is impossible to survive on the battlefield with limited resources. Several players are searching for external tools like RDM87 Injector to get the compelling features of the game. It allows players to get all premium items of MLBB for free. But, if you go with the typical method, you will have to pay a handsome amount. 

It is an advanced APK that allows you to inject skins, Drone views, Avatars, Battle Effects, Emotes and much more. You can download and try this trick from our website to get the custom option in the game. Furthermore, this Injector has some extra features which make it unique among other tools like Fakecez Modz.

More About RDM87 Injector

RDM87 Injector ML APK is an advanced MLBB (Mobile Legend Bang Bang) application. This APK is best known for manipulating the MLBB for your interests. Moreover, newbies can benefit from this amazing APK to improve their gaming skills and defend themselves with more advanced shields.

Although you will get tons of other apps from the market, most of those apps stop functioning with new updates to the official game. However, this APK brings the updates parallel with the MLBB. 

Furthermore, its simple user interface makes it more reliable. A common person can install this app on Android Mobile without any hurdles. It functions similarly to Zaxius Domain APK Injector.

Features of RDM87 Injector APK

The main feature of RDM87 Injector APK is the capability to do multiple tasking. As discussed above, this tool has multiple options. It wouldn’t be easy to discuss all of the offerings of this amazing APK in a single article. However, we will discuss the most highlighted features of the Injector below: 

Available Skins in RDM87 Injector

Almost all the skin in MLBB is available in this tool. By launching the game with this tool, you will be able to get different costumes. Below is the list of skins available in the RDM87 Injector.

  • All Painted Skin
  • Skin Support
  • Assassin Skin
  • Custom Skin
  • Skin Fighter
  • Mage Skin
  • Skin Upgrade

Effects Available on the Injector

For effects, Toxi Patcher is the best app., but Toxi is not offering all the features you can avail of using RDM87 Injector. Below are some effects you can get using this app:

  • Recall effect
  • Respawn effect
  • Elimination
  • Notifications of Battle
  • Battle Emotes

Drone View

This app is enriched with great features like a backup drone view. Here I also mention the tablet view of the game through this app is possible. Drone view is possible with this app up to 5X, Ranging from 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x.

Newly Added Skins

Many latest skins are added in the latest version of the Rdm87 Injector APK. Below is the list of some of them:

  • Essential Skin Fredrinn (New Hero)
  • Thamuz Kungfu Panda
  • Lancelot Dragon Timer
  • Atlas
  • Estes Epic Blacklist
  • Ling Kungfu Panda
  • Akai Kungfu Panda
  • Miya Collector
  • Jaw-head MPL
  • Valentina Elite

Additional features of Rdm87 Injector

  • This APK will use a very small amount of memory.
  • Anti-ban.
  • No background operational activities.
  • There is no premium Version.
  • No ID block tension.
  • Easy to use.
  • Bugs free.

What’s New in RDM87 Injector APK?

Every update in this APK brings some exciting features the recent update, V14.9 also has some unique features. The best new addition to the cheat is Alucard.

It is the best-ever edition I have seen in any APK file; other improvements in the User-interface UI of this app are the top changes. The latest update Fixed all the bugs reported by users during 2023. 


If you are an average player of MLBB and want to boost your performance download RDM87 Injector. You can easily exploit MLBB using this APK. It allows you to get all the game’s premium features free of cost. Go to the download button below and grab the latest version APK file free from our website. 

October 5, 2023