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New Imoba 2022

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New IMOBA 2022
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As we know, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the current era’s most popular and trending MOBA games. It offers dozens of animated features to its players. Sadly, the practical items of this APK are premium, and players need a handsome amount of money to use them. However, a person like me with zero pockets can’t afford to buy such items. In this regard, we brought the New Imoba 2022 for the players who want to use all the superior ML attributes at zero cost. Moreover, this APK will help you unlock infinite premium features of ML games for free.

This amazing APK is full of exciting cheats & hacks that allow players to play ML games beyond their imagination. However, there are multiple apps out there, but very few are functional, including Bangmamet. It is best alternative to MonDix Injector.

About New Imoba 2022

New Imoba 2022 is an Android APK that allows players to unlock all the ML features for free. Using this APK, you can open several ML Skins, battle emotes, backgrounds, battle effects, speed, no recoil, Maps, Drone views, and much more. Furthermore, this APK doesn’t charge a single penny for its services.

Beginners with fewer gaming skills can’t be able to survive on the deadliest battlefield of ML games. However, this app will help newbies fight against pro players by using the finest in-game resources, such as updated Heroes, outfits, Weapons, etc. 

Besides providing free premium resources, this APK helps players to enhance their gaming skills. Furthermore, this APK has an anti-ban feature that protects your gaming account. Moreover, newbies can use New ML Booster to improve their ranking with no effort.

Features of New Imoba 2022

New Imoba 2022 is full of exciting hacks and cheats that are pretty enough to trounce pro players. Below are some of its exceptional offering that you can enjoy for free:

Unlock Several ML Skins

  • All MLBB Skins: You can unlock several premium skins for heroes like Tank and Support, Fighter, Mage, Assassin, and Marksman.
  • Anime/Custom Skins: Itoffersmorethan32anime/custom skins for various characters.
  • Painted Skins: Players can get more than 84 painted skins for various ML avatars.
  • Upgrade your Skins: Thisapp allows players to upgrade skin to skin for up to six ML characters.

Unlimited Battle Effects

  • You can avail of more than 49 Recall Effects.
  • More than six battle notifications can be satisfied.
  • Up to 24 Effect Respawn can be achieved.
  • More than 18 elimination is achievable.

Additional Available Cheats

  • It offers free MLBB Custom Analogs.
  • You can get all Battle Emotes of the ML game with zero pockets.
  • Several ML Custom Maps can be availed using this app.
  • Players can unlock all drone views.
  • This app allows you to open several background themes.
  • You can access Custom Intro and Loading.
  • It offers a Custom Music Background.
  • And others.

What’s New in Imoba 2022?

  • New upgrade skins are added.
  • This APK is compatible with all Android devices.
  • It has an anti-ban feature.
  • All bothering Ads are blocked.
  • Several cheats and hacks are added.
  • Enhanced user interface.
  • No need for a password to use this app.
  • Several new emotes have been added.
  • All the lags and bugs are fixed
  • And much more.


If you are searching for an available third-party APK to manipulate the MLBB game, try New Imoba 2022. It offers massive unique, premium features of ML games without asking for a single penny. Plus, it enables newbies to enhance their gaming skills. 

So, don’t waste further time and money on such items anymore. Click on the download link below and get the latest version of this APK free from our website with several unique features.

October 5, 2023