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Playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang with all of its amazing features has always been a dream for every noob player. However, the premium features are attainable through an exchange of money but this solution is not convenient for everyone. That’s why we brought MonDix Injector ML Update 2022 which will assist you to access every premium feature in MLBB without any exchange of your precious credits.

This Injector App is offering all of its services for free, you just have to download the application free from our site i.e. Furthermore, lots of folks have been desperately looking for this injector hence their wait is over now. This App is loaded with all the necessary features which are primarily required to manipulate the game. Besides, you can get free unlimited ML Skins through this injecting application.

About MonDix Injector V1.21 ML Apk

This is the must-have App for every ML player to win the game. MonDix Injector Apk is offering you a variety of features which includes Drone View, ML Skins, Effects, Backgrounds, and many more are getable through this injector. It works smoothly on rooted as well as non-rooted devices. Thus, you can improve your gaming skills under the effective guidelines of this available stunning Android tool.

Moreover, the App is loaded with impressive cheats that will make your identity anonymous. The App is specifically developed to help incompetent players who cannot survive on the battlefield.

Though various injectors are available in the market that claims to be very effective. In reality, such injectors are not very effective. However, manipulating renowned online battle arena games like MLBB has strict rules.

But you can still use this Injector by following its precautionary measures. It has the alternatives that are Nix Injector & Fakecez Modz. So, if you are a typical gamer then you must check our injectors category where various manipulating Apps are available free of cost.

Furthermore, the available is specifically developed for those who don’t want to spend their money. If you also want to save your credits then download this patcher and apply any of your favorite features to your favorite game. Moreover, after utilizing all its benefits you can increase your kills than usual. It takes lots of practice to beat pro players but you can do it without any hardship.

Features of MonDix Injector Apk

This Injector App has a vast collection of essential features which are enough to make you a winner of the game instantly. 

Unlock Skin

  • FIGHTER: Zilong, Chou, Guenevere, Xborg, Aldous, Alucard, Badang, Alpha, Minisithar, Ruby,
  • MARKSMAN: Miya, Layla, Roger, Karrie, Cloud, Bruno, Clint, Yi Sun-Skin, Moskov, Irithel, and many more.
  • ASSASSIN: Saber, Fanny, Helcurt, Karina, Hayabusa, Natalia, Lancelot, Gusion, Selena, etc.
  • MAGE: Eudora, Cyclops, Alice, Gord, Kagura, Aurora, Vexana, Harley, and many more are available free of cost.
  • TANK: Tigreal, Akai, Franco, Baxia, Minotaur, Johnson, Gatotcaka, Grock, Hylos, Uranus, etc are attainable freely.
  • SUPPORT: Nana, Rafaela, Floryn, Carmilla, Lolita, Estes, Diggie, Angela, Faramis, Mathilda.
  • SKIN TO SKIN: Zilong, Chou, Lanselot, Fanny, Ling, etc.
  • PAINTED SKIN: Ling to Itachi, Alucard to Krito, Chou to Eren, Chou to Kyo, and many more categories are available in MonDix Injector.

Unlock Effects

  • Unlock Recall
  • Get unlocked Respawn
  • Unlock Elimination
  • Unlock Notification


These impressive backgrounds will make your game even more exciting. Moreover, it has attractive attributes which are magnificent.

  • Back Up
  • Cyberpunk
  • Ginshin Impact
  • Demon Slayer
  • Uchiha Itachi
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Keren Patch
  • Need for Speed

Unlock Emote Menu in MonDix Injector

  • RRQ Hoshi
  • Onicesports
  • Geek Fam
  • Aura Fire
  • Alter Ego
  • Genflix
  • NSP Solid 
  • And, many more


  • Buckup
  • Gusion K.O.F
  • Gusion Legend
  • Terminator
  • Agentz
  • Gord Legend

MAPs Collection

  • Celistial Place & High Graphics
  • Western Place & Smooth Graphics
  • Imperial Sanctuary & High Graphics
  • Magic Chees
  • Imperial Sanctuary & Smooth Graphics

Fixed Bug through MonDix Injector APK

  • Black Screen
  • Stuck Screen
  • Pink Map
  • Tower Bug

Game Cheats

  • Auto Mythic
  • Supreme Budge
  • Unlock Ultra Graphics, Replace to High Graphics

What’s New in MonDix V1.21 (New Version)

Bundle of thanks to the developer who added some exciting and latest features to this injector. These newest game items will double your confidence level while fighting with the opponents on the battlefield. Moreover, some of the latest feature collections of MonDix Injector are as follows.


11 New Christmas Heros are added in the latest version which is mentioned below.

  • Gord
  • Funny
  • Lanselot
  • Odette
  • Rafaela
  • Karina
  • Cloude
  • Zilong
  • Freya
  • Miya
  • Eudora


Add new IMOTEs from the vast collection.

  • MVG M3
  • NAVI M3
  • ONIC M3
  • PRG M3

RECALL Effects through MonDix Patcher

  • Roger Prime


Add New Music

  • 515 Unite
  • Industry Baby
  • One piece


It is the all-in-one App in which you can get a variety of options to exploit Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. MonDix Injector Apk will make your game even smoother. Furthermore, it is the best opportunity for you to improve your rankings in MLBB.

Additionally, the App encourages you to play more effectively with full attention. Download it now free from our site and get unlimited features for your game. Finally, I would suggest you download this App to experience the ultimate unique gaming experience.

Atif Hussain is IT Student who loves to share his journey with android and Egaming. He has 3 years of Experience in Android Game hacking

August 1, 2022