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Body Race 3D MOD
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Today we are here with a unique funny racing game named Body Race 3D MOD APK. It is a run race 3D game that is one of the best fit and fat games. Here you have to run to become a thin model. At starting the game, you will be playing the role of a skinny girl. Your mission is to become fittest and beautiful. For that, you have to run and pick all the healthy food that you will get in your way. 

It is the best game for new experiences and relief. By playing this game, you will know about the food items that make you healthy and fit. This fun game has more than 100 million downloads already. Players have to complete various tasks in this game, such as eating healthy food and avoiding fast food, jumping over obstacles, swimming across the river, and many more. Below are the complete details about this game.

About Body Race 3D MOD APK

Body Race 3D MOD APK is a fun racing game developed by Moon Active. It is the modified version of the Body Boxing Race 3D game. Here you will be playing the role of a skinny girl who has to maintain her weight and make her fittest. Players will perform various activities like boxing, fighting, swimming, running, catwalk, and many more.

In this game, you will be given an ideal weight which you have to maintain till the end. Your weight will be tested at the end of the level. The model’s weight should be equal to the ideal weight that has been set. There will be various food items in your ways like burgers, cucumbers, dumbbells, broccolis, burgers, apples, sundaes, hotdogs, tomatoes, sandwiches, ice cream, hoverboards, sodas, veggies, and many more. 

For maintaining a gorgeous figure, you have only to pick healthy food to maintain your weight. If you overeat fast food like burgers, you will get too much fat or obese. And if you take too many cucumbers, you will become too skinny, and you don’t have to become too fat or too fit. We have some other mods related to this game you may love to go play are Dude Theft Wars MOD and Gardenscapes Mod Hack

If you gain too much weight or become too thin, you will die before the battle. Once you complete your race, you have to fight with a girl in a boxing battle and defeat her. By completing various weight tasks, you will get unlimited money. You can buy many beautiful dresses with that money.

Features of Body Race 3D MOD APK

Some of the unique features of this funny game has been discussed below:

  • There are various fun and challenging levels in this APK.
  • You will get different items to pick.
  • By contacting the ideal weight, you will unlock many unique dresses.
  • It has an amazing race.
  • This game contains many individual items in their body shop.
  • Has dynamic and addictive gameplay.
  • Offers 3D graphics and sounds.
  • Have an eye-catching design.

MOD Features of Body Race 3D MOD APK

  • Body Race 3D MOD APK provides unlimited spins and coins.
  • Get unlimited Gems.
  • Provide players unlimited Elixir.
  • It is Ad-free and safe to use.
  • You can unlock everything by achieving your ideal weight.


Body Race 3D MOD APK is a funny game where you have to gain an ideal weight and make yourself a gorgeous model. An interesting thing is it is a multiplayer game. You can play it with your friends. It is free of cost and doesn’t need any root to run. It has a vast map. You will get more than 276 village locations. By playing continuously, you can unlock all of them and explore the beautiful body race world.

Furthermore, it is 100% safe and will not harm your device in any way. So, if you want some relief in life, this game is a must-have. You can get all of its MOD features from our website. Click on the download button below and get this game free along with all of its features from our website.

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March 22, 2022