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Gardenscapes Mod Hack

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Gardening has been chiefly a favorite hobby of many people, including me. Almost every one of us enjoys gardening. Today I am here with a surprise for gardening lovers “Gardenscapes Mod Hack .”You can create your dream garden in this Hack. Here you will get the chance to become an owner of a large mansion and a beautiful garden having various beautiful trees, flowers, trash, tree houses, and many more exciting things. Isn’t it sound interesting? Of course, it is.  

This game has been designed in the form of a story. You will receive various tasks every day to decorate your garden and make it more eye-catching. Download this fantastic Hack from our site by clicking on the download button below. Read the whole article to know further about this exciting Hack.

Gardenscapes Mod Hack

In Gardenscapes Mod Hack, you have to look after an unremembered garden. You have to work as an owner to bring this garden to its former glory. You will have Austin as your butler and a funny dog with him. Austin will help you get your garden to its former glory.

To restore the park to its original shape, you have to collect coins and stars. This can be achieved by completing match-3 levels. Match-3 is much more similar to candy crush. Here you have to keep making matches of the same fruits, leaves, tiles, and many more. You will get stars by beating levels. With those stars, you can perform many functions. Such as installing any style of bench you like, throwing out the trash, restoring children’s treehouse, renovating the fountain, Install a mailbox. These will be your first task after starting the game. 

You will receive a tablet where you can find your to-do list. The more levels you beat in Match-3, the more stars and coins you will receive. Using those stars, you can slowly upgrade your garden. Always try to beat more levels in a row; otherwise, you will lose your life limit. You will have to wait for the regeneration of your life, which is quite a boring process.

Gardenscapes hack unlimited Stars

Try to collect as many stars as you can. This will help you save your lives. The more pieces you match in this game, the more powerful power-up you get. The powerful power-ups are the bomb, firecracker, TNT Barrel, Dynamite, and a Rainbow Blast.

As you beat levels, you will get many rewards. Such as, after reaching level 5, you will get a free shovel, which can be used to clear any tile without using a move. You can connect to Facebook and exchange lives with your friends. You may get promoted to higher leagues to win better prizes in competitions. Beat as many levels as you can to decorate different garden areas with things of your choice. You will find many hidden treasures during your journey. 

Features of Gardenscapes Mod Hack

Some exciting features of Gardenscapes Mod Hack are mentioned below:

  • It has special Match-3 mechanics.
  • This Mod Hack has unlimited levels.
  • Consist Unlimited free coins.
  • Having various unique characters and stories.
  • Many rewards.
  • Free to use.
  • Ads free.
  • Unlimited stars.
  • Various in-game characters.
  • The game has an In-game social network.
  • A funny butler to cheer up and help you in decorating the garden.
  • Funny puppy to entertain you.
  • Provide many languages.
  • And many more.

What is Live replenishment?

Lives are the number of turns players can play. With every failure of beating level, they decrease. One life takes 30 minutes to refill. These are displayed in the top left of your screen. If you don’t want to wait, you can refill your lives with coins. Or you can exchange them with your friends also.

How to unlock new areas in the garden?

You have to play match-3 for this task. You have to earn stars by beating levels. By using those stars, you will unlock different areas in the garden.

How to change your name in Gardenscapes Mod Hack?

To change your name, follow the step below:

  • Go to setting.
  • Click on the option of “Change Name.”
  • Type your new name.
  • Select OK.

Can we Disable In-app purchases? 

Making purchases can increase your in-game resources and progress. But people like me can’t afford them. They can limit and disable in-game purchases. Its process depends on the device on which the game is installed. 


Gardenscapes Mod Hack is the best choice to make your dream garden. Furthermore, you will enjoy many characters such as Austin, Robbie, and that funny dog. Jokes and fun between Robbie and Austin. The player will go through many other tasks, like helping Austin figure out what his dream meant. You can enjoy this Hack in many languages of your choice, such as France, Russian, Portugal, English, and many more. One may become the hero of a new story by winning the game. Download this fantastic Hack by clicking on the downloads button below and make create a beautiful garden with Austin. 

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March 22, 2022