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Zalaxis Rank Booster
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Still looking for an App to boost your rankings in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. If so, then you are most probably at the right place. Today we brought to you Zalaxis Rank Booster V3.9 or APK Mod Rank Booster, an Android application that has spectacular functionalities for ML players. This App will assist you throughout the game and instantly make you the winner.

You can simply download its Apk file which is available on this page. Moreover, it is a safe and secure application with an Anti-ban system. After using this App, you will be familiar with all of its characteristics. Plus, it is the recommended hacking App by many ML pro-players. It is also known as Rank Booster Injector.

Zalaxis Rank Booster App will dramatically improve your rankings, you don’t have to go through any tough situation. This injector tool is the most reliable and trustworthy application among its various kinds. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find the exact working App to manipulate Mobile Legends without spending any money.

However, it’s always been APKTwin’s main priority to bring the best of best Apps, injectors, or games to its viewers. You can also check our various Apps like Mitsuki Modz, Ark Injector, and many more for free.

What is Zalaxis Rank Booster V3.9 APK?

Rank Booster Zalaxis Injector is an Android Mod application for Mobile Legends Bang Bang, its major purposes include manipulation in the game. If you are a beginner in the game then you should use such hack tools at least until you are fully aware of MLBB.

What I like the most about this App is, it helps you to rank at the top instantly. Moreover, it offers all of its available features free of cost, you are no longer required to buy the features from ML stores. All you have to do is, download this App on your mobile and be amazed by its accurate workings.

We brought to you its latest version which is V3.9. This modern exploitation tool helps you to be the winner with its various kinds of scripts. Some of its major features include Boost Rank, Auto Win, Team Pro, Enemy Lag, and many more.

After effectively using all its useful tricks and cheats you will end up reaching the top levels of Mobile Legends. Your whole dream became true only through Zalaxis Rank Booster No Ban. 

Most of the ML players do their best to improve their rankings some of them spend their money on buying in-game features. And, some spend their earned diamonds, points, gold, etc. But, you can also make it possible through Rank Booster ML Apk 2021. Feel free to add this injecting application to your app collections. 

Although, this tool is much better than many other available hacking Apps in the market. You have to download it without any further delay and enjoy MLBB more uniquely. Remember, you can find all your desired Apps, Games, Injectors, and many more completely free from our site.

Features of Rank Booster Zalaxis VIP Apk

This App is technically developed for boosting up the rankings in Mobile Legends. There are many competitive App out there in the market but are not as useful as Malaxis Rank Booster App is. In the following lines, I will show some of its highlighted features.

All Hero Damage Up Menu

  • Fighter 70%
  • Support 23%
  • Assassins 57%
  • Marksman 72%
  • Mage 63%
  • Tank 20%

Config 60FPS Menu

  • Optimize Server and Ping
  • Fast loading in-game
  • Optimize CPU and GPU
  • Smooth gameplay
  • And, many more.

Unlock ML Skins Menu

This feature is coming soon in the App items collection. You have to stay updated with it for its upcoming features.

Auto Mythical Glory Menu

  • Remove Auto Mythical Glory
  • Enable Auto Mythical Glory

Rank Booster Menu

  • Auto Winstreak
  • Activate enemy lag
  • Fast Farming
  • High Damage
  • Get damage up
  • Hack Cooldown
  • Team is not weak
  • Great Emeny Bot
  • Get Team Pro

Classic Booster Menu in Zalaxis Rank Booster

  • Get Team Pro
  • Damage Up
  • Get Emeny Lag
  • And, many more

Auto Aim Hook Franco Menu

  • Magnet Hook 52%
  • No Banned
  • Auto Aim Hook Franco
  • No miss Hook 68%
  • Support all devices
  • And, many more are freely available in Rank Booster ML Apk

Drone View Menu

  • Also, contain Drone view horizontal 3×4
  • Drone view horizontal 5×6 available
  • Drone view horizontal 2×3
  • You can enable Drone view horizontal 4×5
  • Remove Drone View

Server Menu

  • Advance Server
  • Original Server

Additional Features of Rank Booster Zalaxis Apk

  • You can easily inject your favorite cheat.
  • Free for lifetime
  • No Root options
  • Anti-ban, or Anti-detect
  • No password is required to run this App.
  • Newly updated ML hacks and cheats are available.
  • No Ads
  • User-Friendly App
  • Lightweight Apk file.
  • Compatible with the latest version of MLBB
  • You can easily win the game without facing any problems.

Screenshots of Zalaxis Rank Booster Apk

Screenshots of Zalaxis Rank Booster Apk

Is it safe to use Zalaxis Rank Booster App on Android?

Using any kind of hacking material is always be unsafe. So, the simple answer to the above question is “NO”. However, the developer of this app claims that it is safe to use. Anyhow, our sincere suggestion for you is to use any new account other than your own.

You can test on any non-important account before applying on your personal one. This will keep you from being hacked and it will also make your mobile safe from external threats.

How to Download and Install Rank Booster Zalaxis App for Free?

The following steps will clear you the procedure to download and installation of this App on your mobile.

  1. Firstly, download the latest version of Zalaxis Rank Booster Apk. You can easily get its download link on this page.
  2. Then a pop notification will ask your permission, just tap on the ‘Yes’ option.
  3. After that, make sure to allow all necessary options to install third-party apps on your mobile phone other than Google Playstore.
  4. Go to Settings>Securtiy>Unkhown Sources option and activate it immediately.
  5. Within a few seconds, your App will appear to you on your phone’s App gallery.
  6. Now, enjoy your game.

How to use it?

You can see the above paragraph and download and install Zalaxis Rank Booster on your mobile. In the below lines, I will show you how you can use this App?

  1. Initially, launch the App where you can simply see a simple screen.
  2. Now, you have to click on the required option and make it enable.
  3. When you be done with enabling the feature, just clear the cache.
  4. Then, simply start the MLBB button where you will be redirected to the hacked game.
  5. Now, you are done. Just enjoy the modified game.

Final Judgement

Through Zalaxis Rank Booster v3.9 (Latest Version), you can easily improve your rankings. But, one thing you have to keep in your mind is, this is illegal for everyone. You are violating the MLBB rules, which is quite unfair.

We will suggest you overcome your gaming issue with this Mod App and make sure to not use it for any irrelevant purposes. Remember, you can easily download it from our site without paying any cost. Grab this opportunity and make your best score in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Atif Hussain is IT Student who loves to share his journey with android and Egaming. He has 3 years of Experience in Android Game hacking

May 13, 2022