Wild Hunt: Hunting Simulator APK

Wild Hunt: Hunting Simulator APK

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Wild Hunt: Hunting Simulator
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Animals are a part of nature. Killing animals is the band and illegal. But some people love hunting; that’s why we bring an android app for animal hinting lovers. “Wild Hunt Mod APK Unlimited Everything” is an android game. You may pay for many actions survival games like PUBG and Free Fire, but these games have large and occupy much space in your android phones. These games also need vital internet access to play. This wild animal hunting game is much better than these actions survival games. If you want to play any other games Car Stant 3D MOD and Sniper of kill Mod are the best options.

Furthermore, in this game, you will be given many different levels and pass the level to step up to another level. Every level is getting difficult Because there is no fun in simple and manageable levels. There is also an opportunity to hunt different animals on every level.

About Wild Hunt: Hunting Simulator APK

Wild Hunt: Hunting Simulator APK is a 3D android game. This game is famous for its high graphics, Guns, and Levels. You have to complete every level in a different place. This game gives you a chance to travel worldwide and have a better hunting experience. This game is small in size and easily adjusted to your android phone. Moreover, there are many other features added to the game to make this game more interesting.

What are the features of Wild Hunt Mod APK Unlimited Everything

This game offers many different guns, maps, and Levels. You can earn coins by playing the game and unlocking the levels and guns. The game has many exciting items.


  • Carbine Spike 200
  • Zauer LC101
  • Zauer CS86
  • Kamura CR9
  • Tomson RL
  • Rifle W649
  • Rifle N1A2 Sterling
  • KT-BTE-1
  • Carbine B.A.R 020

Many other upgraded Rifles were also added in this new updated version.

  • Rifle Blaster R8
  • N1A Carbine
  • Reningtion VR Carbine
  • Sohn 101
  • Carbine Growing BAR
  • Carbine Zenith HC
  • Rifle Jolly Rojer
  • Carbine SVEN

Many more


  • Shotgun Husk SX
  • Shotgun Drowning A5
  • BETSY 74
  • Shotgun Merton 200
  • Meriton MT20
  • Renelli
  • The Old-Timer
  • Captain W. Jackson

Many more


  • Cupid bow
  • Compound Crossbow Heart Breaker
  • Auto Crossbow ELSA
  • Compound Bow Nemesis
  • Diana’s Divine Bow
  • Compound Crossbow TAC Elite
  • Crossbow Blackbird
  • Crossbow Phoenix
  • Hellsing Battle Crossbow
  • Nora Kamo
  • RSE Fang
  • Falcon
  • Sham Rock

Many more


  • Machine Gun MP16-22
  • XMachine Gun
  • Machine Gun Midas
  • Machine Gun Famaz
  • Gungerbread
  • Gingergun
  • Wild Buster

Many more


  • Gingerbreadie
  • KG-74XVP

Many more

These Guns are locked. These will unlock with different levels. These weapons have belonged to different countries, and you have to play in those countries. Before that, you have to open all the places to play levels. The classes are as follow:

  1. Alaska
  2. Europe
  3. Russia
  4. North Africa
  5. Australia
  6. South Africa
  7. United States
  8. South America
  9. South Asia

How to play Wild Hunt Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Wild Hunt: Hunting Simulator APK is free to download on android; first, download the game from our site. This game was also offered by Google Play Store, but it took time to find this game there. Click on the link given on the page. After downloading the app, install the application from the downloaded file. After the installation completes, open the game from your screen. The game is simple to pay. The computer gives you the instructions; about how to play the game?

Final Words

It’s fun to play Wild Hunt: Hunting Simulator APK; this is a simple game to play on your android phone. This game is small in size and easy to download. The link and complete information about this game is given in the above article.

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March 10, 2022