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Tech Box 71

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Tech Box 71
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Tech Box 71
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Free fire is one of the most played Android games. This App is famous for its graphics, skins, emotes, Pets, and different maps. To have an attractive profile costs too much. Because, you have to buy skins, emotes, Pets, etc. As the game is famous and popular, the FF store has expensive items. People like me can’t afford to buy items. Tech Box 71 Injector is going to help me in this case.

What’s the hack? Can we get this expensive item for free? Do we have to pay even a small amount to get what we want? today I’m going to discuss all these hacks. I will be explaining how you can get free stuff by injecting hacks in Garena Free fire ff. This patcher is considered as one of the best injectors of 2022

Tech Box 71 injector is a free patcher. It is free to use and free to download item. you can download this APK from our websites below the download button. So, this tool is going to help get free stuff from the free-fire store.

About Tech Box 71

Tech Box 71 injector is the latest version for Android players. It is easy to install and use for both fresh players and pro-players. The new FF injector Tech Box 71 gives you access to premium outfits and gives you the location of your opponent players so you can easily defeat them. You can easily inject this app into the game without paying any money. Many other injectors are available on the internet. This injectors’ updated version is more useful than other patchers. To enjoy premium features free you need to download this free APK file now.

This is a third-party app and the use of this app is illegal using this type of app is illegal and causes ID band. But in this app, the developer has added a fake server to hide these illegal activities to secure your ID so it is quite secure to use this injector. Furthermore, you don’t need to buy this app just download it from the link given below. Then install it and enjoy the features. Download and install instructions are given below. We can say that this injector is the same as the ark injector for MLBB.

Safety Instructions

Most people are trying to inject more the one, two, or three cheats at a time. In this case, the developer can gatch you illegal work easily and should band your account. Play like a normal player. Don’t inject more than one cheat. Don’t use your professional account or the account on which you have already invested money.

Features of Tech Box 71

  • Easily eliminate your opponent by headshot.
  • The app is bug-free and all issues are fixed.
  • All premium items are free to inject and free to use.
  • It requires no user name and password.
  • Easily used on android.

Download & Install Procedure

  • Click on the download link given below.
  • A security alert message will appear on the screen, ignore it by pressing the ok button.
  • The download will complete in a short time.
  • Then install the file by pressing on install button.
  • Press the allow button to access on FF game.
  • The installation will complete in 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Press on the open button and inject a cheat.
  • Enjoy the game.


 screeshots of tech box 71 Vip injector


We have the latest version of Tech Box 71. This app is small in size. Lightweight will help you download and manage it on your device. This patcher has many features to manipulate FF free. Be sure that you have to use this hack with the guest account. 

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August 1, 2023