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Are you a die-hard fan of Garena Free Fire? If your answer is yes, then you are a lucky one. Today we are here with another exciting App, called PlexDZX, this is an amazing Android application through which you can modify Free Fire in your favor. You can simply download its latest version from our site without any troubles, which is free. Moreover, this App works on all kinds of android mobiles. So, feel free to download the PlexDZX App.

What is PlexDZX V 2.0?

You might be looking for any mechanism to modify Garena Free Fire accounts from user IDs? Or if you want to hide your identity while playing FF, then PlexDZX is the only App you should go with. There are millions of gamers, who prefer such Apps or tools to access the latest cheats for Free Fire. Moreover, you can get all of these cheats without any cost. With numerous cheats, surely you are going to rule the game. There are many apps with similar features but we brought the latest and suitable App for you to try. 

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular online combat battle games, which is played by teenagers as well as adults. PlexDZX V 2.0 gives you the authority to manipulate FF according to your requirements. Four of its popular cheats include the Change IDs & IPs, FF accounts hacks, and disconnection from other devices. In Free Fire, you will be thrown to an island, where you have to survive alone without any external assistance. Gradually, the circle decreases, you have to move in the circle’s direction and reach on time. You have to kill your opponents and make the way clear towards victory. In the end, whoever survives will win. Since APKTwin is offering you a variety of injectors as well including TsukuYomi Injector.

There are many hacking apps out there, but PlexDZX is at the top among all of them. It has the highest rating because of its unique features and stability. With this app, you can hide and disguise your IP address by using the username of the Free Fire account. The other person wouldn’t know what happened to him because it follows misguided rules. Additionally, you can easily disconnect someone’s account with a single click.

Screenshots of PlexDZX APK

PlexDZX APK Download Latest version

Top Features of PlexDZX APK

When it comes to the features PlexDZX Apk ranks at the top, it provides its users with the most recent cheats and tricks. It comes with the latest version, i.e V2.0. The list of its outstanding features is as follows.

Disconnect from other Gadgets

Through this App, you can disconnect from any other gadgets, which are associated with your account.

Using Fake ID PlexDZX 

You can replace the IP address with any fake one. So, you can play Free Fire anonymously.

Camouflage IP

By giving a fake IP address, you cannot be tracked by anybody.

Hack account with ID

Moreover, you can hack any Free Fire account by just giving its username.

Additional Features of PlexDZX App

This application has most of the updated and unique functionalities that you haven’t seen before. The developer of the PlexDZX App has made Free Fire a lot easier than it was before. Now, you can easily play the game without any trouble like you are using SF Tool in free fire. Some of its additional features are as follows.

  • It’s 100% Free to download and use.
  • This App is lightly weighted among various ones.
  • Hardly, very few accounts are banned.
  • It is a modern tool with updated cheats.
  • You can steal a Free Fire account using this App.
  • In addition, you can hide your IP address while applying any cheats. This will keep you hidden from the radars of Free Fire servers.
  • Moreover, you can separate your account from other gadgets.
  • You can stay anonymous while applying for any cheats.
  • You will have an unknown IP address, keeping the situation.

What are the Conditions to Install PlexDZX APK?

Following are the main conditions to install the PlexDZX Apk file on your android phone.

  1. The minimum android version required for this App is 5.0, Your device must have android 5.0 or above. 
  2. For installing this application on your mobile, you have to go to your mobile’s settings and allow Unknown Sources. After allowing this setting, you will be able to install this Apk file.

How can I Download and Install PlexDZX Free?

Remember, PlexDZX is a third-party App, and you couldn’t find it on the google play store. But, you don’t need to be worried. You can easily get its official downloading link from our site, just scroll down this page. At the bottom, you will find a ‘Download’ button. All you need to do is just click this button and some other simple steps you need to follow are as follows.

  1. After clicking the download button, you will see options like ‘Allow third party App’. You just have to allow this option.
  2.   After that, within a few seconds downloading will start.
  3. After downloading, you have to install the App.
  4. Before the installation process, you have to allow unknown sources on your mobile’s settings.
  5. After allowing the settings, the installation process will start.
  6. After installation, PlexDZX will appear on your mobile’s App gallery.
  7. Now, enjoy the Free Fire by using this amazing tool.

Pros & Cons of PlexDZX

Our main purpose is to deliver the A-to-Z results for any App that we share with you. Comparatively, this App has more benefits than flaws. After that, it is totally up to you whether you add it to your App gallery or not. That’s why we’ve decided to show the good aspects we well as drawbacks of PlexDZX to you which you can see in the following paragraphs.


  • This App will help you to play the game anonymously.
  • You can achieve high ranks in Free Fire.
  • All the premium features are attainable through this App without asking for even a penny.


  • As PlexDZX is a manipulative application so the FF authorities reserve the right to ban you account when you be caught.
  • There are many risks involved in using this App on your mobile.


When the downloading will complete, you have to provide a username and password. Next, all cheats will be visible to you, just select your desired cheat from the list. After that, you just need to enter your Free Fire user ID. Using this tool, surely you are going to smash Free Fire. Just click the download button and explore new gaming experiences. Thanks!

Atif Hussain is IT Student who loves to share his journey with android and Egaming. He has 3 years of Experience in Android Game hacking

July 23, 2023