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Worst Gaming Injector
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Worst Gaming Injector APK is not new in the market. You might already be using this injector. So, this injector has a lot of experience in MLBB hacking. While using this injector, you will not be afraid of ID ban issues.

You will get many benefits from using this new ML Injector released in 2022. The developer of this tool claimed that this tool is capable of injecting script in ML in a different way. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is not even aware of the technique used to manipulate the game.

In official note by the developer of the Patcher said that; We have used some extra techniques to secure the accounts of users. The Worst Gamer further claimed that this injector unlock all the premium feature of the game free. Those features includes Assassin, Tank, Mage, Fighter, Marksman etc.

Why Choose Worst gaming Injector?

Worst gaming Injector is now more effective. This hack is now working on anti ID ban technology. Its was a dream of gamer to use a patcher that can’t be deducted. Finally, Worst Injector for ML has the feature.

Features of Worst gaming Injector

This great injector comes with a lot of new features and pre-available options. We are well aware of that this injector is considered as one of the best injectors by the developer WorstGamer. Here below we have mentioned some of the exciting features this smashing patcher. Some of the features are same as WG Skin injector.

  • Unlock paid skins free
    1. Fighter
    2. Assassin
    3. Tank
    4. Marksman
    5. Support
    6. Mage
  • Visual skin available free
    1. Hayabusa, Ling & Yu Zhong
    2. Alucard, Guinevere & Alice
    3. Gusion, Grock & Chang’e
    4. Badang, Kimmy & Masha
    5. Layla, Franco & Lancelo
    6. Valir, Silvanna & Hanzo
    7. X Borg, Aldous & Lolita
    8. Claude, Chou & Selena
    9. Estes, Fanny & Nana
    10. Granger, Esmeralda & etc
  • Available Cheats
    1. Battle Emote
    2. Amin Skin
    3. Analog
    4. Recall
    5. Map
  • Heroes Available in Worst Gaming Injector
    1. Silvanna
    2. Change
    3. Gusion
    4. Hanzo
    5. Grock
    6. Valir

Common Injector Features of Worst Gaming Injector

  • Light weighted APK file to run smoothly on your low RAM device
  • Updated with the latest version of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.
  • This amazing APP is totally free with no sub or donation tabs.
  • Anti ban technology is used to secure the user accounts.
  • Easy to use interface with variable options.
  • Famous characters of fiction world


Buying stuff from MLBB store is a costly effort. Even buying a single skin can cost you many diamonds. Newbies and common players can’t afford to buy premium features and skins. Different injectors are available on the market that help you getting stuff of ML free of Cost.

Multiplayer game like the MLBB is not child play. You have to do a huge struggle to win the game. Newbies want to win games more easily but it’s much harder than they’re think. The solution is very simple, you have to install Worst Gaming Injector to win the game easily. You can use this tool to trick your friends and enemies.

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November 14, 2022