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Worst Gaming Injector
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If you have ever played Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you might know the challenges you face while playing this game. You must have basic gaming skills and in-game resources to survive on the battleground. However, getting those in-game items isn’t child’s play. You need to pay a handsome amount of money to access these items. But if you don’t want to invest money in such things, try Worst Gaming Injector. 

It is one of the best tools to manipulate MLBB quickly. This APK allows you to access all the premium features of ML, such as Elimination animations, Analogs, Recall effects, Maps, Battle Emote, and much more for entirely free of cost. 

Furthermore, this app offers several free outfits for your characters. Like the WG Skin injector, this APK has a user-friendly and eye-catching interface. It is an antiban app, so you can use it without worrying about ID ban issues. Moreover, several pro players also use New ML Booster to upgrade their rankings.

Critical features of Worst Gaming Injector

Worst Gaming Injector comes with a lot of new offerings and pre-available options. We are well aware that this injector is considered one of the best by the developer Worst Gamer. Below is the list of some exciting offerings you can enjoy using this app:

Unlock paid skins for free

  • Fighter
  • Assassin
  • Tank
  • Marksman
  • Support
  • Mage

Free Visual skins

  • Hayabusa, Ling & Yu Zhong
  • Alucard, Guinevere & Alice
  • Gusion, Grock & Change
  • Badang, Kimmy & Masha
  • Layla, Franco & Lancelo
  • Valir, Silvanna & Hanzo
  • X Borg, Aldous & Lolita
  • Claude, Chou & Selena
  • Estes, Fanny & Nana
  • Granger, Esmeralda & etc.

Available Cheats

  • Battle Emote
  • Amin Skin
  • Analog
  • Recall
  • Map

Worst gaming Injector Available Heroes

  • Silvanna
  • Change
  • Gusion
  • Hanzo
  • Grock
  • Valir

Additional Features of Worst Gaming Injector

  • Light weighted APK file to run smoothly on your low-RAM device
  • Updated with the latest version of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.
  • This fantastic APP is free with no sub or donation tabs.
  • Anti-ban technology is used to secure user accounts.
  • Easy-to-use interface with variable options.
  • Famous characters of the fiction world.
  • It offers an antiban feature.
  • No bugs and lags.


Download Worst Gaming Injector and get all the premium features of MLBB without spending your credits. Furthermore, this APK is secured end-to-end and will not harm your devices. It is the perfect choice for players who get the worst defeats by the pro player in the battleground. This APK allows you to conquer your enemies easily. 

So, without wasting further time and breaking your banks anymore, tap on the download link below and get the latest version of this APK free from our website. Start counting your victories after using this app.

October 5, 2023