Octopus Premium Mod APK

Octopus Premium Mod APK

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Octopus Premium Mod APK
Octopus Gaming Studio
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Sometimes, playing battle and action games by making finger gestures on the mobile screen becomes dull and challenging. Today we are here with a fantastic app named Octopus Premium Mod APK to enhance your gaming experience on mobile devices.

This app has up to 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store. It allows you to play games with PC controls by connecting your android phone to a keyboard, mouse, and Gamepad. Furthermore, it will enable players to play games with the wireless controller by personalizing and allocating buttons. Moreover, this app provides a perfect gaming experience to players to complete their connections quickly in an easy and valuable way.

Furthermore, it offers personalized virtual mouse shortcuts that are used to personalize the keys of the mouse for gaming. You don’t need root for using this app, and it helps your games run smoother by optimizing your phone performance using various unique technologies.

Key Features of Octopus Premium Mod APK

Octopus Premium Mod APK helps you enjoy various top-rated shooter games like Sniper of kill Mod and many others by connecting your Android phones to the keyboard and gamepads. Below are various other unique features to enhance your gaming experience.

Provide Key Mapping for top-rated games

This APK provides Key Mapping settings of the 30 most popular games such as free fire, PUBG, MLBB, Fortnite, Asphalt series, The Legend of Zeldaetc., without customization. You don’t need to set each key in the game; all settings will set automatically when you start playing games on the Gamepad using this app. 

Uphold all Apps

You can use the wireless controller on any app or game, and Keymapping allows you to play your favorite games with wireless controls. It supports various gamepads, mouse, and almost all controllers such as PS, Razer, XBOX, IPEGA Gamesir, etc. 

Various Modes 

This APK provides several control modes suitable for the game genre. Using these game modes will allow you to switch between the keyboard and the Gamepad easily. It also allows you to enjoy two basic control modes like Keyboard settings and Gamepad to optimize your playing experience. 

Clean up your device’s RAM

Along with the CPU, RAM also plays a vital role in enhancing your gaming experience. It is essential to clean up your phone’s RAM before playing any game. You don’t need to waste your time closing all apps for cleaning RAM anymore; you can perform this activity with a single click now using this app.

Great quality gaming recorder

This APK allows Android users to record their in-game gameplay using its available screen recording feature. Players can activate this feature before they start playing the game. It offers an integrated Screen Recorder app that allows user to record their gunfights, epic highlights, combats, etc., and share them with their buddies. 

Additional features of Octopus Premium Mod APK

  • This app is compatible with most low-end devices.
  • It has encouraging and smooth gameplay.
  • You can use this app to fake your in-game location.
  • This app allows you to enjoy all premium features.
  • Free to use.
  • You can also save specific control settings for each game using its customizable control profiles feature.
  • This APK allows users to connect to Google Play Store to sync their gameplay.

How to use Octopus Premium Mod APK on your Android phone?

  1. Arrange a smartphone with version 4.4 or latest and a gamepad.
  2. Download the APK file from the available link below.
  3. Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.
  4. Follow the steps below to activate the latest mode.
  5. Start >> model >> enable USB Debugging corresponding to the model >> Next >> Active >> Accept USB Debugging connection >> OK >> Tap Successfully Activated.
  6. Click on the Home button in Octopus mobile APK, “Advanced Mode is Activated” will display on your screen, then tap on the return to me button.
  7. You need to connect your Android phone to the Gamepad in Android Mode. When it connects, you will see the gamepad name in Octopus.
  8. Start playing the game from the Octopus app after launching on your phone. 
  9. Tap on the “+” button continuously for adding other games.
  10. Octopus will start entering the games.
  11. Then tap on change Gamepad mode >> Start Play game.
  12. Enjoy your games using this app.


Click on the download link below and get the modified version of Octopus Premium Mod APK to enhance your gaming experience. Using this app, you can now enjoy your favorite games by connecting your Android smartphone to peripherals such as a mouse, Gamepad, and keyboard. Don’t forget to share your experience using this app via the comment box.

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April 9, 2022