Nova Dark Icon Pack

Nova Dark Icon Pack

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Nova Dark Icon Pack
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Icons are an important part of many user interfaces; they grab attention and make a strong first impression. They represent your brand image and make it clear to recognize and locate items on your phones or features within a program. Furthermore, they convey the core idea and purpose or action. Today we are here with an app consisting of a bundle of icons known as Nova Dark Icon Pack. 

These icons are made out of vivid characters on the dark, rounded square background. It allows users to get unique, eye-catching packs of icon no other app have offered before. This app uses its software to generate a list of icons requested by users.

More About Nova Dark Icon Pack

Nova Dark icon pack is a collection of advanced and eye-catching gradient icons with a dark background. We can use these icons on dark and AMOLED walls and light walls, and you can apply them to any theme or setup of your choice.

Furthermore, this icon pack contains 3,580 icons along with 11 KWGT widgets. Moreover, users can get 28 wallpapers created to match the icons from this app. This app helps you change icons for folders without making much effort and without taking too much time. 

You can replace ordinary apps with new and unique icons using this APK. It also provides unique dynamic calendar icons to players. Game developers use icons to give a sneak peek of what their game is all about; various top-rated games such as Moba of Freedom Offline and Car Stunt 3D MOD are identified by their icons. 

Features of Nova Dark Icon Pack

It is said that the first impression is the last impression. You can use these icons to make a great opening impression on your brand. Below is the list of some more exciting features offered by Nova Dark Icon Pack:

  • It offers a variety of attractive icons.
  • You can request new icons for free.
  • This app is very simple to use.
  • It also offers a dynamic calendar icon.
  • You can get folder icons from this app and apply them manually.
  • Users can get many cloud wallpapers using this app.
  • This app has various themes such as pick light, dark, AMOLED, or transparent.
  • It also offers a set of KWGT widgets.
  • This APK provides a professional and highest-quality vector icon design.
  • Offers high-resolution icons to its users.
  • And many more have to be added.

How to choose an alternate icon from Nova Dark Icon Pack?

To select an alternate icon, follow the steps below:

  1. To replace the home screen icon, long press on the icon.
  2. You will see icon options.
  3. Select edit.
  4. Click on the icon.
  5. Tap on the icon pack.
  6. To open icons, you need to press the arrow on the top right of your screen.
  7. Go to the search bar.
  8. You will see alternate icons in the search bar.
  9. Click on your desired alternate icon to replace it.


Nova Dark Icon Pack provides a collection of attractive icons. It generates icons at the user’s request. If you are bored of the old look of your phone’s operating system and want to change the appearance of your Android operating system, this app is a perfect match for you. Click on the download button below and get the latest version of this app from our website.

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March 28, 2022