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Are you still facing consecutive defeats in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang due to a lack of in-game resources? If yes, then you are most probably at the right place. Today, we are presenting you Izen Patcher, it is a helping tool that usually helps newbies & incompetent players.

Gaming resources always play a vital role for winners in MLBB. Most of the players don’t have enough credits for buying such features from ML stores, that’s why they face multiple losses. But, you can break the chain of defeats with the help of this injecting tool. 

You might have noticed, most of the players spend a lot of money on buying gaming resources. Hence, they spend all their pocket money on the purchase of ML features. On the other hand, this Patcher Apk is offering you each game feature free of cost.

Now, you can easily beat any pro player, and you can also improve your rankings in MLBB. However, you don’t need to worry about your gaming wallet anymore. This stunning App will encourage you to play your favorite game fearlessly. 

What is Izen Patcher V1.12 APK?

Izen Patcher is an Android App that assists ML players by giving them open access to all locked features in MLBB without any cost. However, this App is packed with all the necessary resources that are essential for winning the game. Furthermore, lots of gaming tricks & hacks are also debatable in this patcher. The majority of players lost their confidence by facing brutal defeats.

In this regard, this App is perfectly helpful for them. If you are also one of them, I suggest you immediately download this App and face your enemies on the battlefield. Fro best graphical interface of Mobile legend with a patcher you should download Ultra graphics ml Injector.

This is developed by ZenTzy Official. There are still lots of tools available in the market but none of them delivers what they claim. Moreover, lots of Apps ask for primary details by which they can manipulate your account too. The only App that works smoothly as compared with the various ones is Izen Patcher V1.12. You can realize its importance after using this application.

You can also check a similar App with almost the same functionalities that are ARK Injector, Devil Modz, and many more Apps that are attainable free from our site.

Key Features of Izen Patcher

100% working & reliable features of Izen Patcher are as follows.

Famous ML Skins:

One of the most interesting things in gaming is the look of your favorite character or hero. Izen Patcher has all ML Skins for you. You can check these skins individually and pick your choice easily. Some of its skins for different characters are as follows.

  • Assassin: 13 Heroes comes with 49 Skins.
  • Tank: 17 Heros have 63 Skins.
  • Support: 09 Heroes comes with 32 Skins.
  • Fighter: 28 Heroes are packed with 112 Skins.
  • Marksman: 17 Heroe comes with 123 Skins.
  • Mage: 20 Heroes are packed with 82 Skins.


You are going to love the game of the stunning backgrounds in Mobile Legends. Most of the demanding ones are premium, the Izen Injector will unlock all that for you. Different categories are as follows.

  • Splash: Like Evos, Geek Fam, Custom MLBB Intro, RRQ, and many others.
  • Backgrounds: Lobby, Profile, and First Loading.
  • Music: ML BG music will be changeable very soon.


Analogs are attainable within a single click, some of them are as follows.

  • Cosmic, Cyclops, K”, Argus, etc. 

Game Hacks through Izen Patcher

Some of the cheats & tricks are also accessible in this injector which can improve your rankings in MLBB. Some of them are as follows.

  • Ultra Graphic Mode
  • Enemy Lag
  • Top Global
  • Auto Mythic

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Fixer

You are no longer required to worry about bugs and errors in MLBB. Some of the solvable bugs are as follows.

  • Pink Map
  • Phone Lag
  • Stuck in Loading
  • Pink Hero
  • Hero No Icon
  • Black Screen
  • Map Hack

Anime Skins

You are free to unlock Anime Skins, as well as Customize Skins, ABC files, etc.

  • Chou, WanWan, Gussion & Fanny, Ling, Sun, Guinevere are customizable. 
  • Anime to MLBB Skins Free ABC File.


Each battle emoji are accessible through Izen Injector App.

  • Onic, Evos, Alter Ego, Bren, I am Scary, Come & Hit Me, RRQ, Geek, Aura, Genflix, NXP, Here I Come.


The following Effects are achievable through this injector.

  • Spawn
  • Elimination
  • Recalls

Drone View

The drone view works on all the maps.

  • 09 Ranges from 1×2 to 9×10.
  • Original Drone View.
  • Moreover, the 3D Camera is also available.

Further Features of Izen Patcher Apk

Apart from its primary features, some of its additional functions are as follows.

  • Free for everyone
  • Lightweight App
  • Friendly UI
  • Each of its cheats is applicable within a single click
  • Its updates are frequently available
  • No password is required
  • And, many more.

Is Izen Patcher Safe for Android?

Usually, third-party Apps are not allowed to manipulate any game. That’s why it is not the primary recommended App. However, you can still use Izen Patcher by having some safety measures that will decrease the chance of a ban.


If you are still having doubts about this App then you are most welcome to download Izen Patcher and practically use it. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box. Remember, you can only get the official download link from Apktwin.com free of cost. Furthermore, make your best in Mobile Legends through this patcher App.

Atif Hussain is IT Student who loves to share his journey with android and Egaming. He has 3 years of Experience in Android Game hacking

March 14, 2023