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Many of us love keeping different animals and growing them with us. Some people love to keep and grow cats; some love dogs, parrots, etc. If you are also among the people who love animals, apktwin has an exciting game for you today named Dragon City Hack. It is the best simulation and battle game to be played online using your social platforms. This game provides various multiplayer modes when you play it online. Players can make many new friends in this game. In this game, you will be choosing dragons to build and develop an island for dragons.

You will get dragons of 6 elements in this game: water, earth, Metal, Fire, air, and wood. Your aim in this game is to gather and add as many dragons as you can to your collection list. Furthermore, you can get dragons from different events also. Below this article, we have provided detailed information about this hack. To know additional unique features about the game, read the article till the end. We have many other popular simulation games like Car Stunt 3D MOD and Dude Theft Wars MOD; you can also check them out on our website.

Dragon City Hack Explanation

Dragon City Hack is among the most popular multiplayer simulation games with complete social access. More than one billion players have already installed this game on their devices. At the start of the game, you will meet Dues, a dragon master. Dues will help you on your way to becoming a dragon master. He will guide you to complete levels. To get your first Dragon, you must first build habitats, where dragons live and become solid and extensive. There are different habitats for each dragon element; you have to select the terra habitat first. You will earn XP from terra habitat; XP will help the dragon master. Dragons are born in hatchery; you will get your first Dragon there. You have to feed your Dragon until he grows to level 4.

Once you complete level 4, you need farms to grow food for your dragons. There is an option to shop in this game; from there, you can buy farms, assets, protection shelters, buildings, and many more for your dragons. You have to develop a dragon city on various moving islands. Afterward, you can train your Dragon for battles and complete various tasks. Initially, you start this game with one Dragon, but you can buy more dragons after collecting resources. Moreover, you can win many rewards and food materials by completing various adventures. Although this game has incredible, exciting features, some will be listed below.

Building a fantastic dragon Island

Players have to build and decorate an island for their dragons in this game. You can also expand the area for the island by crashing stones or trees. Furthermore, it would be best to build the right environment for your dragons to facilitate egg production.

Breed Magical Dragons in Dragon City Hack

Players can create a hybrid among two dragons and create a new dragon. After reproduction new dragon will get attributes of both dragons. For example, if you crossbreed between an air dragon and a fire dragon, you will get a dragon consisting of both features of air and fire.

Player vs. Player Battles

After reaching the required level and making your Dragon fight, you can now participate in PvP battles. You will use your dragons in the battles and fight with other dragon players. Players can use more than three dragons in the battle. You have to choose Dragon according to your opponent’s Dragon; e.g., if your opponent has a fire dragon, it would be better to choose a water dragon. You will receive many rewards like jewels, gold, uncommon dragon prizes, and much more by winning the battle.

Consist of 3D Graphics

Dragon city hack consists of 3D graphics. It has various eye-catching images and colors.

More Features of Dragon City Hack

  • You can mix all elements and create a new featured dragon.
  • Players can unlock many new features with this hack.
  • You can socialize your Dragon with Facebook.
  • It provides online multiplayer access.
  • This game has simple control.
  • There are hundreds of dragons you can get in this game.
  • It has a wide variety of dragon skins.
  • No system root is required in this game.
  • Dragon City hack provides an anti-ban option.
  • Ads Free.

Mod Features of Dragon City Hack

  • You can get unlimited food.
  • It provides unlimited money.
  • Players can get unlimited gems.
  • One-hit kill.
  • You can get hack turns in this modded version.


Dragon City Hack is the best simulation online multiplayer game. This game is best for players who love dragons and want to own and raise a dragon. You have to build and develop an island for your Dragon in this game. You will participate in 1v1 battle with your dragons; winning the battle will get many rewards like jewels, money, and much more. By utilizing that money, you can unlock many premium features of the game. If you download the original version of this game, you have to buy premium features with real money. Free download the modded version of this game from our website by clicking on the download button below and using all the game’s features for free.

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March 8, 2022