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AnonyTun MOD APK

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AnonyTun MOD APK
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In todays’ era internet is becoming unavoidable in our daily life. The Internet has made our lives easy in many ways, as it helps us with facts and figures. But mostly, there are times when you will come across blocked sites and restricted Internet. If you are also facing a restricted internet connection, you don’t need to panic. Because today we have bought an amazing APK for you that will help you bypass barred sites and internet restrictions named AnonyTun MOD APK.

This APK allows users to reconnect to the Internet and enjoy unblocked content and services worldwide. It allows you to access your desired sites by hiding your identification from service providers. 

Although it has many other benefits, from a blocked sites standpoint, it provides users with an IP address in another country, that’s the most interesting. The foreign IP address makes it appear as though you are based in a different location. Thus, you won’t provoke a site’s geo-blocks and can go around restrictions easily using this app.

More about AnonyTun MOD APK

AnonyTun MOD APK is an Android application that allows users to connect to the Internet through VPN tunnel connections which help users to access geo-blocked contents securely. This app provides you with a high-speed VPN connection to bypass any sites restricted by the government or ISP in any country or any location. 

It helps you bypass the firewalls anonymously to access your desired contents without any limits by providing a secure connection to protect you from malware and hackers. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface that will allow you to easily change your IP address to various other countries like the UK, Canada, USA, China, etc.

Furthermore, this app is available for Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux operating systems. Interestingly, we can use this app on both rooted and non-rooted devices. The most interesting thing about this app is it offers users a 10GB of data transfer limit. It allows users to use the service with any speed limit. This APK is the perfect alternative for Tomato VPN MOD APK.

Features of AnonyTun MOD APK

  • This app provides users with unlimited access to the Internet connection.
  • It doesn’t have speed and bandwidth limits.
  • This is the most secure, fast and reliable VPN service.
  • Free of Ads.
  • It allows users to choose between different tunnel options.
  • You can make various advanced settings using this app.
  • It helps you to bypass restrictions and protect your connections easily.
  • Various unlocked premium features.
  • It allows you to change your location to any of your desired countries within a single click.
  • We can use this app on both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • You don’t need device root to use this app.
  • It hides the proxy of your device.
  • This app helps the user access the secure connection via TCP Tunnel, SSL Tunnel and HTTP Tunnel.
  • No need for registration to use this app.
  • Free for a lifetime.

Is it safe to use AnonyTun MOD APK?

Yes, AnonyTun MOD APK is 100% safe to use because it provides you with an anonymous and secure internet connection by encrypting your connection through HTTPS and SSL. 


AnonyTun MOD APK is the perfect option for people looking for a secure way to browse websites on the Internet freely. With a single push of the connect button, you can quickly access worldwide content using this app. So, without further waiting, go and click on the download button below to get the modified version of this amazing app with all its premium features free from our website. 

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April 22, 2022