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Android Tools APK
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My Android Tools Pro APK is a beneficial application that contains a variety of tools. This APK has a huge number of android tools stored in it. Moreover, this app only accesses rooted devices to use its features without any hesitation. Further, this app has the latest version and is more secure to use its tools on your rooted devices. However, you install and use this app only on rooted phones and devices; the non-rooted devices can not access this type of third-party app. Moreover, to install this application, you should have root access.

 Furthermore, this app has the latest ad-free version; there are no ads to show while using this application. Similarly, when ads are shown while using such applications, the users become fed up and annoying. Therefore, this APK is ad-free and has the latest version. Likewise, there are so many other applications in the market, but this application is safer and more secure to use on your android smartphone.

 Moreover, this application has multiple premium free features; you can easily access all those features without money. Further, My Android Tools Pro needs accessibility services on your devices; you can access this app. Additionally, this application contains several tools that are stored on your devices. Also, check, Emote Tool APK.

Features of My Android Tools Pro

This fabulous application has a wide variety of features and components that are used on your devices to enhance the performance of your android phones or devices.

  • You can enable or disable components like Activity, Service, Content Providers, Broadcast Receivers and Shared preferences.
  • Red: Disable
  • Blue: Running Currently ( just for Service ).
  • It displays all running processes and tasks with ( PID and uid ).
  • This app will also display logcat.
  • Display or edit the Sharedpreferences and SQLite database of all android apps.
  • It can Enable or Disable apps.
  • Display current activity as well as a current fragment. ( use accessibility services to display recent activity ).
  • Display the “AndroidManifest.xml” of an app.


Measure app storage space:

Allow apps to recover their data, code, or size, and then change or delete the contents of your USB storage.

Allow the app to write your USB storage; read the contents of your USB storage.

Also, allow the app to read the contents of your USB storage.

Is the Android Tool APK secure?

This application is much safer and more secure to use on your android smartphones. However, there is no risk factor involved in this app. Moreover, this APK is 100% safe, the anti Malware platform scans this application, and no virus is found. Therefore, you can easily download this app from our site without any hesitation. You can download different APK tools from this archive.

How to Download and Install

  • First, uninstall the original version of My Android Tools Pro, if you have.
  • Second, Download it from our site with a given link.
  • After that, allow the unknown source on your Android phones.
  • Then, install the app.
  • After installation of this apk, tap to open.
  • Then, select your desired tools. And enjoy.


My Android Tools Pro is a third-party app-only accessed through rooted devices or smartphones. Moreover, this app contains a variety of tools used to enhance your devices’ performance. Further, this application is completely safe and secure to use. Also, there are no ads to show while using this tool. Therefore, download this great APK from our site free of cost.

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March 18, 2022