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Among US BTS MOD’s original is a game that was introduced by a YouTuber. It has become popular in recent times. This game can compete with many well-known and famous games with its vast popularity. As Free Fire, PUBG, and Mobile Legend Bang Bang have more than millions of players worldwide. In this game, there are two opposing roles, cheat and teammate. 

Players of Among US game must be aware of the items used in this game. There are many items you need to win the game. Some of those items are free, but some premium items are not free. For those premium items, you need to invest more than 30000 credit. These premium items themselves offer prices that players have to pay. We have enlisted many MOD apps you don’t have to pay for getting premium stuff like you can use mGamer MOD.

People like me can’t afford to pay such massive amounts. So, what should we do? Should we stop playing? The answer is never. Because today we are going to give you an amazing Mod of this game that will help you get all of these premium items for free that is known as Among US BTS MOD APK. But how? Read the article below to see the answer to this question.

About Among US BTS MOD

Among US BTS MOD is among the best versions of the installation packages made by some groups and communities. As compared to the original version, this modified version is best. With this MOD, you can get all the premium features for free. Using this MOD, players can easily manipulate various themes and skins. This Mod version consists of adding more premium features to attract many users. It is the best alternative to many other modified versions, such as Among Pink. People like me who want to bring stuff in the game without investing money can use this MOD for free. Users with Android 4.4+ smartphones can use this APK. It can not be used in other Androids.

Players can unlock many premium items using it, such as skins, pets, and hat accessories, without spending a single penny. It provides background music that brings more entertainment to your game. Using this MOD, you can also find impostor players among you with its radar impostor. Furthermore, you will get an end vote from this APK which can quickly finish the game. Besides this, it has a kill no cooldown that can be used to kill your crewmates repeatedly. It has many other exciting features, which we will be discussing below. To get this amazing APK for free, click the download button below and get it free from our APK archive website.

Features of Among US BTS Mod APK

  • This MOD doesn’t contain any irritating advertisements.
  • Players can unlock all skins.
  • You can unlock all premium hats.
  • Unlock all premium pets without any cost.
  • It is all free to use.
  • Can enhance game speed.
  • With this, APK players can act as impostors regularly. 
  • Provides background sounds.
  • It has an impostor radar.
  • Provides end vote.
  • It has a kill No cooldown, used to kill your crewmates repeatedly. 
  • Doesn’t require any root system.

Features of The Game

First, click on the button below and download Among US MOD APK free from our website. Once you complete the installation process. Follow the steps below to use it on your Android:

  • Open Among Us game on your device.
  • On the first menu, Fill the name section.
  • Select any local server.
  • Click on create a game to start making a room button.
  • Once you enter the room, Tap on the menu with the computer icon.
  • You will be able to see all features of Among US game.
  • Select any feature you want to activate on your device.
  • Enjoy the features for free.

Is Among US BTS MOD safe to use?

The answer to this question is yes. Till now, there has been no complaint about using this MOD. Users of this APK are much satisfied with its good results. I hope that it will be helpful for a long time.


Among US BTS MOD is the best APK for Among US game players. It allows players to unlock many premium features like skins, pets, hats, and many more. This APK doesn’t require any root system. You will not get these unique features in any of the other versions for free. So, for players like me who can’t buy premium items of this game, this APK is entirely for you. Get all the premium items of Among US games utterly free by using this APK. What are you waiting for? Click on the download button below. Enjoy the fantastic features of this APK.

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July 23, 2023