Install Apps Directly to my SD Card

Install Apps Directly to SD Card

A few days ago, My friend was searching for a trick to Install Apps on SD Card. He asked me that: How Do I Install Apps Directly to my SD Card? Well, I have explained the process and different methods to do that so. Later on, I have found that a lot of people are looking for a permanent solution to this. So, I have decided to share the proper way of doing this.

People use SD Card to store apps to get rid of storage full error in android mobiles. People who don’t know the method of app installation in Memory cards miss some great apps and games. Folks use to delete and install apps in real-time due to storage issues. During this process, people come across different malware-infected sites that create problems in mobile phones. I proudly recommend you to use a proper and authentic platform like APK Twin. Read this full article to know about all the solutions and tricks to install and move already installed apps to SD Card.

Use SD Card as internal storage in Mobile Phone for Apps

There are different possible ways available to set Adoptable Storage in phones for apps. Adoptable Storage is a way through which you can store your data on a mobile phone without any data loss risk. Yes, android cares about your data. When you set Adoptable Storage your android automatically encrypts your SD Card and saves encrypt code in internal memory. Don’t worry it will take a very small space on the phone. Make sure to format your SD Card as FAT32 to Ext4 or f2fs.

Follow the steps below to Set SD card as internal storage of android mobile phone.

  1. Format Card

    Format the card as Ext4 or F2fs.

  2. Insert Card

    Insert the card and check if card is properly inserted and Your android set picked it.

  3. Go to Setting

    Go to the settings option and find the storage section and tab on it.

  4. Select the SD Card

    Here you will see two option, Internal storage, and SD Card Choose SD Card from the list.

  5. Tab on SD Card Settings

    Now you have to tab on SD Card settings.

  6. Select SD Card as Internal Storage

    In this very last step, you have to go with the format as internal, it will format your card as internal storage. Be sure that there is a chance of getting erased your data.

Move Already installed apps from Phone memory to SD Card

After the above procedure; New installation will directly go to SD Card. But, what about the existing app? Well, you can move already installed apps from phone to SD Card easily by following some simple steps.

  • Go to the Setting option on your phone.
  • Find the apps option and tab on it.
  • Tab on the app you want to move to SD Card
  • you will see a storage option go with it.
  • You will see there all available storage options, Probably Internal storage and SD Card; go with the move to SD Card.


The installation of Apps on SD Card is the option if you are running out of storage on an android phone. The process to do this is quite simple, firstly you have to format the SD card as Ext4 and insert it on phone. The remaining process is in setting option as described above. You have the option of already installed apps move to other memory too. Change of interal storage to SD card for Apps and Games is great way to reduce load from android set.

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