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Most of the gamers give up too early in Mobile Legends because of several defeats. Anyone with little or no experience would definitely not be to survive on the deadliest battlefield. To overcome all kinds of issues that ML players currently face, we are here with Papskie Injector. 

Now, you can rule your favorite game with the help of the Papskie Injector’s new version without paying any of your diamonds or coins. For the typical gamers, achieving their desired in-game feature is a kind of dream. Well, this mod injector will make all your dreams come true without demanding anything in return. 

About Papskie Injector V1.30 (Latest Version 2023) APK

It is the latest Android tool that helps gamers to achieve their desired in-game features for free. Moreover, this App won’t ask for even a penny or any kind of personal information from your side. Papskie Injector offers a lot of tricks and hacks which are enough to tackle down MLBB. This tool is the best alternative to Purple Sky Injector. If you are a newbie then this could be the most useful application to build your gaming skills. 

Papskie Injector Part 30 (V1.30) 2023 offers a vast range of ML premium skins for dozens of your favorite characters or heroes. Moreover, there are still many more in-game items that are attainable through App which includes Drone View, Battle Effects, effective ML cheats, and many more.

Bundle of thanks to the developers of Papskie Injector App who made a tremendous hacking App. This App attracts lots of non-gamers too because of its appreciable services. Either you have to invest your money or spend your earned diamonds to buy your desired items from ML stores. Through this injector tool, we can do whatsoever we want in the game without any limitation. Find more Apps and tools like Devil Modz, SF Tools Free Fire, and many more easily from

Features of Papskie Injector 2023

It has the most unique features which make it far different than its competitors. This is the must-have application to manipulate MLBB, if you thoroughly read about its features then you are going to love this injector. Various features of the Papskie injector are as follows.

  • No cost
  • Anti-Ban system ensures the safety of users.
  • No Ads
  • It is the Latest Edition
  • Light Weight App, won’t affect your mobile’s storage.
  • No password is required.
  • Unlocking Cheats is like a piece of cake.
  • It also supports  Android 11
  • No Bugs
  • Renovated ML Skins
  • Easy UI
  • You can get all varieties of Skins for your favorite Heroes.
  • Sounds & Effects
  • Permanent Skins
  • And, many more could be seen when you download it.

Screenshots of Papskie Injector Apk

Screenshots of Papskie Injector Apk

Cheats and Hacks of Papskie Injector Latest Update

A good number of cheats and tricks are available for you on Papskie Injector, all free. Following line area about its mind-blowing services for unusual works.

Drone View

  • Additional Ranges from 1×2 – 9×10.
  • Genuine Drone View results can be seen through Papskie Patcher Apk.
  • It functions on all Maps.

New ML Skins

  • Mages, Supports, Assassins
  • Custom Skins
  • Fighters, Marksman, Tanks
  • Skin to Skin

Battle Effects

  • Respawn
  • Emotes
  • Elimination
  • Analogs
  • First Loading Backgrounds
  • Profile Backgrounds
  • Recalls
  • Intro
  • Lobby Backgrounds

Other Cheats

  • Auto Mythic
  • Ultra Graphic Mode
  • Top Global

What’s New in Papskie Patcher’s Latest Version?


  • GRANGER Transformer Full Effects
  • JOHNSON Transformer Full Effects
  • XBORG Transformer Full Effects

Password of Papskie Injector New Version

The Password of the Papskie Patcher 2023 new version is


Papskie Injector is the only brand new injector in the market that can give you free access to all your favorite in-game features. Moreover, the latest cheats and hacks will make your super and duper. Download it now and get rid of all your typical issues in MLBB.

March 14, 2023