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Fakecez Modz
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You are in the perfect place if you are an ordinary player of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and looking for the best external tool to manipulate the MLBB game. Because today we are here with one of the most functional Modified tools for ML players named Fakecez Modz. It allows players to access all premium items of the ML game without investing a penny.

Although MLBB is one of the current most challenging online battle arena games, players must achieve a good experience and in-game items to survive on the battlefield. The premium items of this game need a handsome amount of money. However, players like me who don’t want to invest money in such items can use this APK to get all in-game items for free.

Furthermore, this APK helps newbies to enhance their gaming skills. Features like Drone View, Free Skins, FPS, ESPs, Individual Player Skills, etc., are easily accessible using this app. This APK is much similar to Ark Injector.

Characteristics of Fakecez Modz

Fakecez Modz is there to show you the path toward victory by offering free tremendous, exciting features. It wouldn’t be possible to mention all of its characteristics in this single article. However, some of its superfine attributes are mentioned below:

Unlock All MLBB Skins

This APK allows players to unlock unlimited skins for all ML characters without spending a single penny. These skins will enhance your fighting capabilities. Furthermore, this APK enables you to apply any of your favorite skins to your desired character instantly.

ESP Menu

The Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) system will detect nearby activities in your surroundings. It has a vast collection which is as follows:

  • Player Distance
  • Box ESP
  • Player 360 Alert
  • ESP Player Line

MLBB Drone Views

It offers a Drone Camera that allows players to monitor their enemies more accurately. However, it is adjustable through a simple arrow.

 ESP Settings MLBB

  • Top Position Box
  • Box Size and Line
  • Text Size Distance
  • Box Right Position

MLBB Frame Rate

This MOD Version is loaded with additional features, including FPS; the ranges of FPS are:

  • 60FPS
  • 90FPS
  • 120FPS

What’s New in Fakecez Modz?

In every new version Developer of this APK is trying to bring some great new features. In this new Version V75.4, some great features include the size of the APP. The APK size of Fakecez Modz is reduced to 138 MB. It means that you can now fast download Fakecez MODz from our site. Other unique features are as listed below.

  • All features work Advance server.
  • ESP Player (Auto Visible Check)
  • Show Enemy Cooldown (Filter)
  • CD Skill
  • CD Spell
  • CD Skill & Spell
  • Aim Range Fov. 0 > 50
  • SDH

Aim Prediction

  • ON
  • OFF
  • Aim Prediction Setting 0 > 10
  • Auto Retribution

Retribution Target:

  • All Jungle
  • Lord & Turtle
  • Buff
  • Lord & Turtle & Buff
  • Small size
  • Fix the high Ping issue that was reported earlier.
  • Auto-aim ultimate Gord.
  • Include Bypass Anti-Report (Real).
  • Add Hanabi Ultimate Aim-Lock.
  • Add Paquito Ultimate Aim-Lock.
  • Add Betrix Basic Atk & Ultimate Aim-Lock.

Additional Features

  • Like MSC Injector, this APK also offers all of its services for free.
  • It works smoothly on both rooted and unrooted devices.
  • Several latest heroes and skins are available for free.
  • This Modified has the same gameplay as the original but with additional functions. 
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Free to Download and Apply multiple cheats.
  • Safe and secure to use.
  • No Ads.
  • Free to download.
  • And many more.

Fakecez Modz Get Key

When you open the app, click on the GET KEY option. Then follow a simple procedure: get the key, copy it, and paste it into the dedicated section. 


Pro players can easily manipulate MLBB games using Fakecez Modz. It allows you to access unlimited features in Mobile Legends. Furthermore, this app won’t charge a penny for its exceptional offers. So, you don’t need to feel hesitant while entering the battlefield anymore. Download this APK from the link below and give the usual defeats to your opponents on the battlefield.

May 31, 2023