Elite VIP Hack

Elite VIP Hack

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Elite VIP Hack
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After a long break, we bring a new hack for Free Fire lovers. A Tool that can help you get some amazing extra features in the game. This MOD version offers Teleport car hack, white run fire, and VIP hack etc. Due to the these features the developer named it Elite VIP Hack.

What is a MOD and Why should I used it? Well, a modified version of any app is known as MOD. basically, When we want to get some features that are not part of the original file, we use to create mods. By modifying the original APK file developers do modify the files, and add/remove some features. MODs are not legal to use but due to demand we are sharing this details and file with you.

Features of Elite VIP Hack

Elite VIP Hack is enriched with different features. Here, you will find different trick that ware added by the modifier. Some pre available premium feature were also unlocked. Anti ban with a Bug fixer system is what I love the most in this APK. Some other exciting feature that I have come to know by using this MOD APK are as below.

Before, a long list of hacks in this MOD. We want you to make sure that, Player, ESP, and VIP hack are the three main trick available in this APP. All the sub categories fall in these main features are also unlocked and you can use them freely.

Elite VIP Hacks

  • Run While Fire
  • White Body
  • Ghost Hack New
  • Free Water
  • Teleport Car


  • Bypass
    • Activate All
    • Bypass ON Logo OFF
  • Visual
    • Camera View
    • Gold
    • Diamonds
    • Fake Name
  • Special Menu
    • ESP Color
    • Remove Inspectors
    • Auto Like
  • Menu Garena
    • Clear Reports
    • Reset Guest
    • Hide Icon

Player Elite VIP Hack

  • Aimbot Fire
  • Aimbot Scope
  • Aim FOV
  • Medkit
  • Double Gun
  • Wallhack Stone
  • Fly Car
  • Under Car
  • Fly Player
  • Speed Hack
  • Telekill Player

ESP Hacks

  •  Distance
  • Name
  • ESP Grenade
  • Health
  • Line
  • Box
  • Chams Color

General Features of a Good APK

An APK file which can be considered as a good APK should be enriched with the following general features. Elite VIP Hack is an APK file that can be categorized as a good MOD APK file.

  • A User-friendly interface with easy to use navigations menu.
  • No signup and your personal data is needed to use it.
  • A light weight file, that resolves the download stuck issues.
  • Anti ban technology, that helps you stay anonymous in to track.
  • No Password and key generating headaches in the APK.
  • High quality graphics as compare to original with zero lack issues.
  • Regular updates with the new version of the official APP.


Elite VIP Hack by KTM MOD MENU is another great mod. Free fire lovers you can double your game play with this hack. furthermore, premium feature are available here free of cost that add extra point in its popularity. The ESP and Menu bypass are the two main feature in this APK. Light weight and updated with new version is the best quality of the hack.

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March 29, 2023